What happened the day you were borned?

por Guido Culasso Moore

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Digital archeology. The cover the day you were born. This must be the first case of a product we built that remained intact and functional through so many years.

We leave the post as it was published on the day of its launch in 2013.

The microsite that we developed for is now online where you can find the cover of the Diario Clarín (Paper) of the day of your birth or of your loved ones. You will be able to find all the covers that were published since 1945.

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The repercussions on Twitter collected by @dgallo.

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Guido Culasso Moore

Director Creativo y Consultor, lleva acumulada una amplia experiencia en desarrollo de productos editoriales digitales para la creación de grandes audiencias en todo América Latina.En 1994 participó de la creación de la Unidad Digital del Grupo Clarín (Argentina). Participó en el desarrollo de, sus portales verticales y Clasificados.Desde 2004 trabaja para empresas como Fox Sports Latam, Clarín, TN y Canal 13 de Argentina; El Comercio de Perú, El Debate de México, El Universo de Ecuador, Canal 13 de Chile, Intel, Philip Morris y Coca Cola.